Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

  1. I can’t believe _____________________ is still sold.
  2. I have ______________________________ on Craigslist.
  3. Going into December, the weather outside is _______.
  4. My current weakness is ____________________________.

Here are my responses:


I can’t believe Easter grass is still sold. Really, I didn’t have a good answer for this one, so this is as good as any. Easter grass was banned from our house many, many years ago. Once it gets in, you can never get rid of it, much like Christmas tree tinsel and glitter. It gets everywhere and it stays everywhere. If you throw it away, it finds its way back!

I have never made any transactions on Craigslist. I have looked at things that are offered there, from the safety of my computer, but have never pursued a transaction through them. I have, however, made several transactions through our local FreeCycle groups.


Going into December, the weather outside is just wonderful! It is cooler than usual for this time of year in this part of Texas and it is great. The mosquitoes still haven’t figured out that they are supposed to be gone by now, but otherwise, it is great being able to be outside without totally melting.


My current weakness is…everything. Anemia has a good hold on me, so I am terminally weak. Going from being someone known as “Hercules” to a weakling is no fun at all.

Another weakness is anything sweet. I have been on a sugar rampage lately, getting rid of the good stuff around here as we get ready to start a “no junk food” kind of lifestyle that we’ve been playing at for long enough. It is beyond time to be serious about what we’re putting into our bodies.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!


Image Sources:  Easter Eggs, Little Boy, Insulin & Sugar

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Update on David: The Foot and the Places It Didn’t Go Today

David_Wound_Care_3973Monday morning was a very tense time for those of us here at McClendon Villa. David had an appointment at wound care at 9am at the hospital about 30 miles away from our home. All week, we’ve had a possible hospital admission and, potentially, a lower leg amputation hanging over our heads.

Many of you have prayed for David’s healing and for him to not have to be admitted to the hospital. Well, your prayers have been partly answered. While his foot hasn’t healed yet, it didn’t look any worse and he was able to avoid an admission to the hospital at this time.

Instead, the doctor has ordered a wound vac. We have two choices with this (outside of an admission). One choice is home health and the other is going to wound care 3 days a week.

The home health company in our area has smokers for employees and I have COPD. They have also proven to be incompetent otherwise, with one exception. That particular exception was a great woman to work with. She was friendly, caring, competent, AND a non-smoker. But, we believe that she moved on to another type of nursing soon after David was released from home health last time.  So, we have chosen to go three days a week to wound care at the hospital 30 miles away.

IMG_4004This isn’t the cheapest route, but appears to be the best one for both of our health. We know the majority of the wound care workers to be competent (some are too new for us to judge yet).

Please pray that we will find a way to afford these trips back and forth to wound care and are able to follow through until David’s foot is healed.

Thank you to all of you that have prayed for him. Please keep praying! The prayers are working and he WILL be healed.

Have a blessed week!



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Friendly Fill-Ins


This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

  1. I start to decorate for Christmas/Hanukkah __________________________.
  2. I prefer a ____________________ Christmas tree because ______________.
  3. The best thing about the holidays is ________________________________.
  4. The worst thing about the holidays is _______________________________.

Here are my responses:

Our oldest daughter was born exactly a week before Christmas, though she was due on December 13. We wanted her birthday to get to be a birthday, not a combo-deal, so we put off decorating for Christmas until she gives the go-ahead. Usually she chooses to do it on her birthday. Last year, it didn’t happen until almost Christmas Eve!


I prefer a big Christmas tree, because they can hold so many ornaments and so many memories. Little ones can hold lots of memories, too. But, we only have the space for a small tree and the kids lost most of the ornaments when they took the tree down several years ago.  So, new ornaments a little along and along, and new memories.  It’s all good.

The best thing about the holidays is a wonderful meal with family members.


My daddy and Laynie, 7 December 1991

The worst thing about the holidays is missing those family members that are no longer around or that can’t otherwise be with us. This year marks the 5-year mark for losing my daddy and almost losing David. I am very blessed to still have David with me.  I still can’t talk about Daddy without crying.


Xerxes, Christmas 2014

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


May your day be filled with lots of love and good food!

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This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!

Friday_Fill-In_BadgeHere are the fill-ins:

  1. I can’t wait to eat _____________________ on Thanksgiving.
  2. My favorite kind of pie is ______________________________.
  3. This year, I am particularly thankful for _______________.
  4. A funny holiday tradition in my/our house is ____________.


Here are my responses:

I can’t wait to eat ALL THE THINGS on Thanksgiving. My favorite Thanksgiving food is: turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mac & cheese, green bean casserole, squash casserole, rolls. We don’t usually have banana pudding or pineapple coconut cake, but they were features at Thanksgiving at Granny’s house while I was growing up.

I like apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie is okay, too.

This year I am thankful for the improvements in my vision. I know that Heavenly Father is healing my eyes and removing the cataracts Himself!

We don’t have any particularly funny holiday traditions that I can remember at the moment. Funny things happen, sure, but I don’t know of any that are traditions.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Image source: Pixabay.

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