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What Halloween Costume Matches Your Personality?

While they almost nailed it for my friend Vanessa over at Vanessence, they were off a bit on mine. I think they must have been peeking through someone else’s window instead of mine. 🙂 I don’t really like to participate … Continue reading

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The Sand and Surf Test

Vanessa has posted another fun quiz over at Vanessence. Click here to read her results. You Are Spirited You have an enthusiasm for life that can’t be toned down. You are constantly jazzed. You live boldly and without fear. You … Continue reading

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The Bay Test

Vanessa over at Vanessence shared another quiz with us. Who can resist a quiz? 🙂 You Are Perceptive You are a highly sensitive person, and you are very in tune with how everything looks, tastes, sounds, feels, and smells. You … Continue reading

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What Does Your Favorite Summer Activity Say About You?

“You Are Brilliant” You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts. Your ideas are never dull.You tend to think up the most innovative things. Your mind knows no limits.You are intellectually open-minded. You like your beliefs and ideas being … Continue reading

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What Kind of Butterfly Are You?

Hey, Vanessa, we’re twins again! “You Are Papilio Onesimus” You are a naturally helpful person, and you enjoy nurturing those around you. You sense what others need. You are quite gentle and sensitive. You may be easily wounded, but you … Continue reading

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