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G is for Girls #AtoZChallenge

We are blessed to have been allowed to raise two amazingly funny daughters. They have both been involved in college/university and community theatre for many years now. In the following clip, our youngest (the one calling for Claire) is reciting … Continue reading

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Color Your World: Navy Blue

Today’s color is Navy Blue. This is a photograph of our Marine, Davey, in his dress blues. The US Marine Corps is a department of the US Navy. The MEN’S department! Have a blessed day, y’all. 🙂

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When a McClendon Girl Says No…

It means no. Don’t test the awesome. Unless, of course, you like broken ribs. Just sayin’. Hey, dude, maybe next time you will listen to her!

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Who Do You Think You Are?

What do you do when you find out that you are not fully who you thought you were? What would you do, think, or feel if that happened to you? Sometimes our body fluids have a way of telling us … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to our first beautiful baby girl! We love you, baby. 🙂

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