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An Update on my Vision

As most of you know, I had a surgical consultation with an ophthalmologist this morning in Houston.  This doctor, Dr. Dhir (pronounced “Dear), was a very nice man and didn’t laugh at me for being scared. He said that my … Continue reading

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Vision Update

Several folks have asked me if I have had the cataract surgery yet. Not yet. I do finally have an appointment for a consultation with an ophthalmologist.  The appointment is for March 30. We’ll see how that goes.  I will … Continue reading

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Announcing: Shards – A Book of Poetry

Many of you know that back in December, I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes.  David is worrying himself to a frazzle about how to raise the money to get the surgery that I need. Ordinarily, I do not … Continue reading

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Update: Fingers Away from the Eyeballs!

I have good news! David has found a doctor in a town about 30 miles from here that will use twilight sleep for his patients with anxiety.  I think anxiety is a mild word for what I have been feeling. … Continue reading

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December at McClendon Villa: A Decision

I have decided, as scared to death as I am about the eye surgery, I am going to try to put it out of my mind for now.  I can do nothing about it until it is fully funded, one … Continue reading

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