Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!

New Friday_Fill-In_BadgeHere are the fill-ins:

  1. My favorite font is___________________.
  2. October is perfect for _______________.
  3. Where I live, _________.
  4. I feel very _________ this time of year.

Here are my responses:

autumn-21498_640There are many fonts that I like. My favorite depends on the use I have for it. I typically compose my blog posts using Courier New at 14pt. I don’t know what Blogger and WordPress do to it after I hand it over to them.

October is perfect for all things orange and black, pumpkins, bats, kitties, and all sorts of spooky stuff.

Where I live, being safe is apparently a luxury, not a right.

I feel very sneezy this time of year. About twice a year I have major seasonal allergy attacks. This is one of those times. I have been sneezing almost non-stop for at least a week now.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!

Image Source: Pixabay

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About Suzanne Gunter McClendon

I am a South Carolina native, but have been living on the Texas Gulf Coast for 14 years now. David and I have been married for 34 years. Our children are grown. Some are here at home, others are out in the big world doing their "thing". I enjoy genealogy, reading, writing, photography, digital art, fiber arts, cooking and much, much more.
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26 Responses to Friendly Fill-Ins

  1. carrylovescats says:

    Ah sneezing. I agree, although I sneeze all year round. Autumn is definitely he season I am worst though.

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  2. It does seem like the level of safety has gone downhill recently. I love you, my Zing!

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  3. Suzanne,

    I listed a favorite font in response but I don’t know if I really have a favorite. I like changing my font to suit my mood but generally with my blog I don’t do that. I set one for the theme and leave it at that for the most part. I haven’t been to sneezing but I definitely am experiencing ragweed symptoms. Oh what fun autumn conditions bring! Have a furtastic weekend!

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    • Hi Cathy,

      I have no clue what font my blogs are using anymore. Like you, I set it and haven’t messed with it since then.
      I’m glad the sneezies haven’t gotten you and hope they stay away. I’m sorry you’re dealing with ragweed issues.
      Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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  4. Comedy Plus says:

    Safety is a luxury indeed. Not much around here either. Gangs abound and living in California I don’t really need to add much.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

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    • I’m sorry that it isn’t safe in your area, either. 😦 If folks could/would just treat each other like they wanted to be treated, this world would be a much better place.

      I hope that you have a great day and a blessed weekend, too, Sandee. 🙂 ♥


  5. 15andmeowing says:

    Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I don’t feel safe in my town either, we won;t leave the house unattended for more than 30 minutes because there are so many heroin addicts in town looking for quick money. I am off to watch the bread video 🙂 Have a nice weekend! XO

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    • I’m sorry that you aren’t safe in your town either. 😦 There are drug addicts all over this town, too, some in our immediate area. One of our friends was robbed at gun point a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, the cops got the robber and our friend’s property was returned to him. But, they can’t give him – or us – back a sense of safety. It’s a world full of meanies, but thank goodness there are some good folks, too.

      I hope that you enjoy the bread video. 🙂

      Have a blessed weekend.


  6. Oh no, I hope your sneezing will stop soon. I suffered from hay fever for a few years, and it was terrible.

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  7. Sorry about your sneeziness! Our Female Human gets sneezy in the spring here.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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  8. Cathy Keisha says:

    Sorry about those allergy issues. Pawsome answers on the fill-ins.

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  9. Allergy season is miserable, i hope you get some relief soon.

    Safety is mostly an illusion. Only in the center of His will are we ever truly safe.

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  10. L.M.G. Miller says:

    Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! I adore your answer to #2, because I have the exact same thoughts on Halloween and the decor that comes with it. My house is covered in orange, black, white, pumpkins, cats, and all things spooky right now, and I love it. And I hope your allergies let up soon! My allergies always seem to flare in autumn, too. I tend to get terribly watery eyes from it, so that I always look like I’ve been crying. I sometimes have to tell people that, thanks to allergies, I feel better than I look.

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    • Thank you, too. I always enjoy the fill-ins.

      I’m sorry that you have allergies, too. They can be so very aggravating, can’t they? I get itchy, burning eyes, constant sneezing, stuffy nose, the whole 9 yards. I hope yours let up soon, too!
      Our house isn’t covered in Halloween decor, we never really decorate for any holiday. We do usually put up a Christmas tree. Right now, I do have a really huge fuzzy spider sitting beside me on my old computer tower, along with a really fat smaller spider. This house is pretty liberally decorated with real spiders most of the year, too. 🙂

      Have a blessed night.


  11. Vanessence says:

    I’m sorry about the sneezies! tissue

    xoxox ❤

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