Press Release: America’s Run for the Fallen Has Nearly Completed its Coast-to-Coast Run to Arlington


America’s Run for the Fallen Has Nearly Completed its Coast-to-Coast Run to Arlington

Runners Crossing North Carolina and Virginia on Way to Arlington

July 23, 2018

On July 23, runners honoring fallen American service members crossed the South Carolina-North Carolina border, marking the beginning of the last two states on their cross-country run to Arlington National Cemetery.  America’s Run for the Fallen is organized by Honor and Remember, a veteran and Gold Star Family organization that seeks to individually recognize nearly 20,000 Fallen Service Members since the USS Cole (October 2000). Each mile along the 6,000-mile route from Fort Irwin, California to Arlington National Cemetery, runners pause for a short ceremony to remember by calling each name out loud of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guard and marines killed on a different day since the War on Terror began.

This year, “America’s Run for the Fallen” marks the ten-year-anniversary of the first Run for the Fallen. Never has there been a Fallen Military Tribute on this scale or magnitude. The event has grown both in the number of participants and, sadly, the number of service members honored.  By the time the race finishes in August, Gold Star families, veterans, and other supporters from the community will have run 6,000 miles through 19 states on their journey from Fort Irwin, California to Arlington National Cemetery.

The 2018 “America’s Run for the Fallen” began on April 7th in Fort Irwin and has since covered over 4,800 miles. Runners will take nine days to cross North Carolina, entering the state on July 23 near the coast. They will be in North Carolina from July 23 through July 31, passing through Wilmington, Fayetteville, and Jacksonville with a day of rest near Washington, NC.  You can view their full schedule here.

On August 1, runners will cross the North Carolina-Virginia border near Norfolk, VA, entering the final stretch of their 6,000-mile run. They will spend five days crossing Virginia on their way north through Norfolk and Newport News before arriving in Arlington on August 5. You can view the full route through Virginia here or the last day of their run here.

*** Arlington Closing Ceremony Day ***

The public is invited to attend the August 5th, Arlington, VA America’s Run for the Fallen

Final Day

  • 6.1k HERO RUN at Fort Myer in the morning
  • 11AM – Brunch Special in Honor of America’s Run for the Fallen, on own at: The Board Room in Arlington
  • 1:15 PM Old Post Chapel greet the Core Group, walk the final mile together to Section 60.
  • 2 PM Closing Ceremonies – Arlington National Cemetery, Section 60.
  • 4 PM After-Event Social Gathering at The Board Room in Arlington

For more details and to register for the commemorative 6.1K HERO Run, visit here.

You can read about the history of “America’s Run for the Fallen” here or watch the PSA here.

You can watch the run 7AM – 5PM (time zone of current state) LIVE.

Loved one’s can find the location of their Heroes by visiting Find A Hero, or can add a Hero if their name does not appear at Add Your Hero.

You can get a birds-eye view of “America’s Run for the Fallen,” as well as the Hero Mile Marker Ceremony (occurs every mile, 50 times per day) here.

Honor and Remember is a nationally recognized non-profit organization which aims to “honor and remember every American fallen service member and recognize the enduring sacrifice of every family.”  You can find out more here.


Image Source: Pixabay Arlington National Cemetery Image 1, Image 2

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