2017 September Challenge: Back Where I Come From – Day 29


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29. Does your hometown have a newspaper?  Does it come out daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or some other frequency? Does your hometown have its own radio station?

Yes, my hometown newspaper is called Independent Mail. It has been a daily paper for many, many years.  Unfortunately, it is now a part of the USA Today Network and I don’t like that one bit! There are crappy ads all over the place, often with scantily clad people. There’s just so much crammed onto the online pages of the paper that it is too distracting. I have the online subscription because they won’t mail the print edition out here to Texas and I want to be able to keep up with the obituaries and some of the other news.  Folks shouldn’t have to endure naked chics in order to find out who has died recently. The ads should be relevant to the page.  On the obit pages, have flower, cemetery, or funeral home ads, not “Hey, check out the pool at our hotel” or whatever ads.

There were radio stations in town when I was a kid, but I don’t know if they are still operating or not.


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About Suzanne Gunter McClendon

I am a South Carolina native, but have been living on the Texas Gulf Coast for 14 years now. David and I have been married for 34 years. Our children are grown. Some are here at home, others are out in the big world doing their "thing". I enjoy genealogy, reading, writing, photography, digital art, fiber arts, cooking and much, much more.
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7 Responses to 2017 September Challenge: Back Where I Come From – Day 29

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  2. ghostmmnc says:

    Here’s my entry for Day 29. Can’t believe how fast this month has gone by. I’ll miss answering the questions after tomorrow. 🙂 http://wp.me/p3RE1e-3Lx

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    • It sure has flown by! This whole year has, really. What sped it up so?
      Thanks so much for participating in this challenge, Barbara. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts very much. I hope to be caught up with responding to everyone by the end of this weekend. Thanks for your link. Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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  3. kiwinana says:

    Nearly the end of September, the end of this 30-day challenge which I have enjoyed very much. Thank you.
    Here is day 29 – https://ramblingsofawriter2016.com/2017/09/29/mcclendonvilla-september-2017-challenge-day-29/

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