2017 September Challenge: Back Where I Come From – Day 22


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22. Did you have chores when you were a kid? What were they? What did you think about having chores? What was your least favorite chore? Is it still?

Yes, I had chores. I had to wash dishes and mop the floors. Our Wellington Street house had wood floors.  I didn’t mind mopping them, so long as they had been swept properly first. Sweeping was my little sister’s job.  I hated washing dishes, especially after we got older. There was always an excuse for her not to do her part of the dishwashing and I would end up having to do her share, too. Yes, it is still my least favorite chore.

I think that it is good for kids to have chores. They need to learn how to run a house and chores are a part of that. It helps to teach responsibility. A family is a team, or it should be.  Teams work together for the good of the whole team.  It shouldn’t be that one person does everything while other people do nothing and that includes the children.

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About Suzanne Gunter McClendon

I am a South Carolina native now living on the Texas Gulf Coast. I have been married to David for just over 33 years. We have 4 surviving adult children and two children-in-law. At this point in our lives, we are adjusting to an refilling nest. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, digital art, fiber arts, and much, much more.
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10 Responses to 2017 September Challenge: Back Where I Come From – Day 22

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  2. Suze says:

    you and me both. I hate doing the blasted dishes. If there were a way to get cheap disposables, that’s the way i would go.

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    • It would definitely be easier that way, that’s for sure! It is a hot job, no matter how good the A/C is, and it keeps my fingernails wrecked and my hands all dry. Plus, thanks to arthritis, it hurts to hold them and I am dropping more and more these days. Paper plates don’t generally smash to smithereens all over the kitchen floor. 🙂 Cheap disposables would be an excellent thing for them to come up with!
      Have a blessed weekend. 🙂


  3. kiwinana says:

    Hi Suzanne, Very true chores in a home are good for the young ones to learn, I don’t think there is enough of it these days, as some of the young adults have got no idea about housekeeping.
    Here is my post. https://ramblingsofawriter2016.com/2017/09/22/mcclendonvilla-september-2017-challenge-day-22/
    Blessings have a nice weekend.

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    • Hi Elsie, Thank you. A lot of parents these days are afraid to actually be parents and have expectations of their children. It is a “poor little picked on” society these days. Some people equate having a child carry a bag into the house as a form of child abuse. There shouldn’t be a society where parents are afraid to be parents.

      When David and I were in college, there was a boy there that didn’t even know how one got food. He had never been to a grocery store. His family had servants that took care of everything. He was totally clueless about the simple basics of life. That is very sad!

      Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Here’s my entry for Day 22: http://wp.me/p3RE1e-3IA … Tried to remember our chores… couldn’t remember very many, though. 🙂

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