An Update on my Vision


Mega-dilated Suz Eye

As most of you know, I had a surgical consultation with an ophthalmologist this morning in Houston.  This doctor, Dr. Dhir (pronounced “Dear), was a very nice man and didn’t laugh at me for being scared.

He said that my cataracts are not “ripe” yet.  I have a follow-up appointment in October that will help them to decide how quickly the cataracts are progressing for me.

So, no surgery is scheduled yet. I can stop holding my breath!

Thank you to all of you who have sent up prayers or have donated to help cover the expenses involved with these vision difficulties and the eventual surgery.


David and Suzanne, 30 March 2017, Houston, Texas. Split-Tone Filter

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!


About Suzanne Gunter McClendon

I am a South Carolina native now living on the Texas Gulf Coast. I have been married to David for just over 33 years. We have 4 surviving adult children and two children-in-law. At this point in our lives, we are adjusting to an refilling nest. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, digital art, fiber arts, and much, much more.
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6 Responses to An Update on my Vision

  1. eschudel says:

    I’m glad you can relax for a bit longer! Have a great Friday 🙂

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  2. David E. McClendon Sr. says:

    It was good to get that behind you. I love you. Zing! Zing!

    Liked by 1 person

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