Share Your World – 2016 – Week 35

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List 2 things you have to be happy about?

So far, there have been no other major health events this summer.

Laynie enjoys her volunteer job at the thrift shop.

If you could take a photograph, paint a picture or write a story of any place in the world, what and where would it be?

At the moment, I would choose Edgefield, South Carolina.  That county is the melting pot of mine and David’s families. All roads apparently lead to Edgefield and before that, Virginia.   Outside of the US, I would choose Ireland, as that is where many of our forefathers were before they came to the United States.  I specifically would love to take a photograph or paint a picture of the Cliffs of Moher.

Should children be seen and not heard?

I think that they should be both seen and heard.  We gave them life and should let them live it, not being made to feel like they’re just in the way.  I spent a lot of my childhood having to be quiet because my daddy worked swing shift. Third shift was the worst and we had to be absolutely quiet then so that he could sleep and be able to work that night.    First and second shift weren’t so bad for us as kids.  During first, he was at work while we were at school, and slept at nighttime like we did. On second, he was at work already when we came home from school and went to bed when  he got home late at night.  I don’t begrudge it. It is how it had to be for him to provide for our family. But, it is a very hard life for a child having to be quiet and not play or laugh or anything too loud.

Why have children if you never want to hear a peep out of them? I never did understand that one.

List at least five of your favorite first names.

David (x2), Laynie, Maggie, Jared, Mae, Annie, Evelyn….The list is actually very long! I had a notebook full of names for future babies when I was a teenager.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am grateful for the rain that came and just maybe we will end up with tomatoes after all. They are late as can be, but it could still happen.

I am looking forward to the start of a new challenge for September. It is called September 19-Somethin’ Challenge and is based on the song 19-Somethin’ by Mark Wills. You can read about it here: 19-Somethin’.  It is also happening on my other blog PS Annie!

Please be sure to read David’s post over at Random Thoughts and Observations.


About Suzanne Gunter McClendon

I am a South Carolina native now living on the Texas Gulf Coast. I have been married to David for just over 33 years. We have 4 surviving adult children and two children-in-law. At this point in our lives, we are adjusting to an refilling nest. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, digital art, fiber arts, and much, much more.
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6 Responses to Share Your World – 2016 – Week 35

  1. Suzanne, that’s excellent that you’ve had no major health problems this summer. I’ve been blessed in this department, too. Seasonal allergies have been rather awful, though. But, if that’s as bad as it gets then I’ll survive. I think I’d like to photograph the Maine coast again. The last time we were there was in 2004 and I didn’t have a dedicated camera. We just bought a digital point n’ shoot camera to share and felt intimidated by the technology. I took a few pix with it, but I let DH do all the picture taking that trip. Now, I’m ready to go with my big girl camera and iPhone in tow for a new adventure.I agree with you regarding children. Being seen and heard is okay as long as they are rampant wild youngins. That just drives me nuts when parents don’t keep their kids under control. There is a place for everything. I’m grateful for getting to see my parents this weekend for the 56th wedding anniversary. We had dinner together at a steakhouse in the town they got married. They told us that they hadn’t been back to there for 56 years. lol


    • Cathy, let me apologize for the long delay in responding to you. I just found out that quite a few posts were hiding in the Spam folder. I never remember to look there. That is where I found yours.

      Allergies are kicking our tails, too. The itching, burning eyes drive me crazy! I’m sorry that they’ve been giving you fits, too. Maybe they’ll pass for us all very soon. We can hope.

      I bet you’ll do great whenever you get to go back to the Maine coast. Just remember, it isn’t the camera that makes the photograph; it is the photographer. Just like when you bake a cake, you don’t give the oven the credit. The oven is just a tool. The camera is just a tool, too. In the hands of an artist, even a Mickey Mouse camera will do. 🙂

      I never understood parents that let their kids run wild in stores, doctors’ offices, etc., either. It can be dangerous for them and everyone else. My mama didn’t let us do it and I didn’t let mine do it, either. My mama would have torn our tails up for sure!

      I’m so glad that you were able to see your parents for their anniversary and go out to eat with them. That is wonderful. I know it must have been a great time for all of you. Here’s to 56 more years together. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you have a great night!

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  2. A J says:

    I see that rain is something we’re both either happy for or grateful for 🙂 I’m stopping in via Cee’s blog post!

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  3. notebook full of names! that is cute 🙂

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