Reflecting on Childhood Meal Favourites: Times Past

Generation X 

Baby Busters 1965 -1980

Anderson County, South Carolina, United States of America

Reflecting on Childhood Meal Favourites: Times Past

What were your favourites?

My all-time favorite meal includes the following:

  • Turkey and gravy
  • Dressing and cranberry sauce
  • Macaroni pie
  • Green beans
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Biscuits
  • Pineapple Coconut Cake
  • And, the very best Banana Pudding on the planet!

Would you still like them today? If not why not?


My Granny Evelyn Gunter

YES! I would give just about anything to be back at Granny’s house eating this meal with her again! Unfortunately, my granny passed away in March 2010.  Also, I am over a thousand miles away from my family home.

Was your favourite served as a normal meal or only on special or rare occasions?

It was for special occasions only. Those occasions were Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was never any question from year-to-year where we would spend those holidays. They were always spent at Granny Gunter’s house. She was my daddy’s mama. It is a tradition that I will always treasure.

Did your mother enjoy cooking?

I never got the impression that she enjoyed it. It was just something that needed to be done, so she did it. I have always loved to cook. I guess I got that from my granny.

Did you serve the same favourite to your own children? If so, did it become his/her favourite as well?

Yes, I have cooked this same meal for my children. I don’t know that the entire meal was a favorite of any of our children, but each one had their favorite parts.

About Suzanne Gunter McClendon

I am a South Carolina native, but have been living on the Texas Gulf Coast for 14 years now. David and I have been married for 34 years. Our children are grown. Some are here at home, others are out in the big world doing their "thing". I enjoy genealogy, reading, writing, photography, digital art, fiber arts, cooking and much, much more.
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10 Responses to Reflecting on Childhood Meal Favourites: Times Past

  1. That is one of my favorite meals, too, Sis. I’ve never had pineapple coconut cake, but I bet it’s delicious. Do you have a recipe for it that you could share? Is macaroni pie the same thing as macaroni & cheese? That is a staple at our holiday dinners, homemade with tons of cheese. We don’t always serve biscuits, but I usually serve homemade bread. I would love to think you and I will one day share a meal that we can cook together.


    • celticmama36 says:

      It would be wonderful if we could do that, Sis!

      Hmmm how to describe macaroni pie. It is macaroni and cheese, but not loose. It is stuck together like dressing is, if that makes sense. I will see if I can find a recipe and send you the link and a picture.

      For the pineapple coconut cake, Granny made a basic white cake recipe. Pineapple juice was poured over the layers. The first layer was frosted with a fluffy white frosting (made from scratch) and crushed pineapples and shredded coconut were between the layers. The top layer was placed onto the lower layer and frosted with the same fluffy, yummy frosting. Shredded coconut was also sprinkled all over the outside of the cake, too.


    • celticmama36 says:

      Here is a link to a macaroni pie, Sis, and it seems to be close to what I remember Granny doing:
      The picture at the top looks close, too, except it looks more peppery than Granny’s did.


  2. Thanks for joining in and adding such a wonderful array of food favourites. I’ve looked at the recipe and I think the macaroni pie could easily become one of my favourites too. I’ll see if my husband will cook it for me. Wonderful memories of people are often evoked by memories of food. You are lucky your granny gave you your favourite dishes and also a love of cooking. My Mum like yours saw it as a chore.


    • celticmama36 says:

      If your husband cooks the macaroni pie for you, please let me know what you think of it. There is also a macaroni and cheese recipe that is cooked in a crockpot/slow cooker that we have tried and liked. If I can find it again, I will share it here.

      Thank you for making this writing opportunity available. I think it is great! While I love to write, I am often at a loss for what to write about.

      In addition to food, my memories are often evoked by smells. For example, the smell of Sea Breeze takes me back to my grand-aunt’s house in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina. She was my Aunt Mae, oldest sister of my maternal grandma. The smell of Ivory soap takes me back to Grandma’s house.

      How unfortunate that our mothers saw cooking as a chore. Have a blessed day!

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      • I’ll definitely let you know. I’m glad you enjoyed the prompt. I enjoy challenges for that reason also – it gives an outlet for your creativity without having to always think of a topic. It is interesting that smell is such a trigger for you. I rarely have smells that bring back pleasant memories of people but I there are some smells that bring back places. I always recognise the smell of a place. Each country at least has its own peculiar smell and sometimes even towns will have their own odour. I like the feeling of getting off a plane and breathing in the scent of home.

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        • celticmama36 says:

          I’m at a point in life (hopefully temporary) that if someone else didn’t come up with the writing idea, I would never get any writing done. I can’t focus enough to write anything worth reading right now.

          I agree with you about towns having their own odor. I know this one that I’m living in does. It has the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke and, on occasion, cow and chicken waste. We live very near a plant that produces chicken eggs and several cattle ranches. Sometimes one just really needs to hold one’s nose or else the experience is just too much.

          How often have you been on a plane? I’ve only traveled by plane once. We went from South Carolina to Kansas City, Missouri, then back to SC. I was scared to death, but loved it by the end of the flight. It was amazing to see the sights from way up above!

          Have a blessed week. 🙂

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          • Your town’s odour does not sound like one you would want to come back to. I once watched a program on television and it said chicken factories are the most hated jobs in the western world. Possibly because of the smell you describe.
            I have been on a plane quite a number of times as we lived in Vanuatu for some time and my brother lives in Europe and my husband comes from the UK and returns to visit his family on a regular basis. I agree seeing the world from above is a fantastic experience. I hate the take offs and landings but then I just enjoy watching movies for the rest of the flight that I don’t seem to take much else in. My husband has reached an age he would prefer not to fly anywhere but I would like to do one last trip. Problem is to do everything I would like to do at one go we’d be away from home for ages and that is neither possible (because of our dogs) or probably not affordable either. We’ll see what happens.
            Cheers Irene

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  4. celticmama36 says:

    I can believe them being the most hated job. Aside from the smell, the inhumane treatment the animals receive would be awful to witness, especially on a daily basis.

    I hope that you’ll get to take your “one for the road” trip some day soon. Is there anyone that could dog sit for you? In our area, the veterinarian’s offices offer vacation boarding for the animals. I imagine that would be really expensive, though. We don’t ever go anywhere anymore, so I have no clue what something like that costs.

    Have a great week!
    Your sis in Christ,


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